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Becoming Unstuck

How to Live the Life you Want to Live

We've all been here

We've felt alienated, demotivated... stuck.

We spend hours staring at computer screens or phones. Experiencing little bouts of motivation, only to be stuck in limbo.

We feel stagnant

Unable to move forwards

I'm here to show you that no matter what that feeling is niggling away at you, you can move past it. Ultimately, there is only one thing holding you back from reaching your full potential - ridding you of any semblence of progress. Read ahead if you don't want to limit the possibilities of your immediate future.

Experience your own Paradigm Shift

One thing I always explain to my clients, are the benefits of changing your environment. If you feel as though you're not making any progress or achieving the things you want to, it is probably down to environment, and the methods used in said environment.

When you make changes to your environment, neurotransmitters in your brain will become more active, and will function on a whole new playing field. You will condition yourself to look at things differently and will start connecting together things that wouldn't have thought to before. When you experience this, that's when you begin to unstick.

What's important when starting this new chapter, is to set up situations that will always result in a win-win outcome. I suggest you start small. Doing this will ensure that you do not get discouraged early days. It's all about building up ambition, allowing you to break down any goals you may have into smaller chucks that can be built upon once they have been achieved.

This is the moment where I'd like you to truly explore what it is that you want, and decide when it is that you would like to accomplish it. Imagine what that accomplishment will feel like once achieved, so you know what it's been done.

As a life coach, I often tell myself that accountability is crucial. So...

Be Accountable

You need willpower at this stage, I know this because that's why you're here, reading this article. But fear not. Accountability is easily achieved.

Learn how to hold yourself accountable for your actions. Although this doesn't happen overnight, it can be achieved if you work hard, and put in the conscious effort.

There are countless ways to keep ourselves motivated. I'm going to focus on two motivational categories that are needed to understand how to maintain motivation.



Reward Means that you're inspired by receiving something you value when accomplishing goals (I.e. Praise).

Punishment Means that you are motivated by a potential negative consequences that come about by not achieving your goals.

From this, you are able to discover what your vision is, and to accommodate said vision with habits. These are things that we can control but make a decision to be in charge of - for us, we want them to benefit the lives of you and those around you. How do you do this? Well, it's simple.

Analyse your life and your behavioural patterns

Define your vision


Create worthwhile habits

Without these three predicates, you are relying solely on your determination and willpower to motivate and incentivize you. This will soon burnout, so it is important to write down and define these three changes that need to take place.

Ultimately, you must stop letting others behaviours dictate your actions. Live for you. Avoid caring too much, as it may begin to suffocate you - I've learned that the hard way!

This isn't to say that you shouldn't be empathetic towards others feelings and thoughts. In fact, having an empathetic nature and understanding will creative many a perspective that will one day make the pillars of an amazing, harmonious Society. It's important to note that issues only arise when you let others opinions take over, and thus, control you and your behaviour.

Fundamentally, you and you alone Have to live with the choices that you have made. Not one single individual should prevent you from taking steps to achieve a better life. You must live the life you truly want to live. Don't let others hold you back, and tarnish your potential.

You've got this!

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