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A happiness lesson

From Jem

Happiness is a goal that we should always strive for; something you should work toward every day of your life. It's important to stress that being happy isn't something that is achieved and simultaneously held onto. What it is, is a process of decisions that you continuously pursue. But how do we put this into action?

It starts with YOU. You must cultivate positivity into your own life - live your life in a way that feels right for you. Surround yourself with positive people and ascertain a healthy mind and body.

It's important to remember that mental ullness can make the aforementioned process harder. If this is the case, seek treatment from a health care provider.

Channel a Positive Mindset

This starts by expressing gratitude and recognising the positive aspects of your life. Focus on what is going well. Take a few minutes every day to savour the positive experiences/moments. I achieve this by keeping a positivity/gratitude journal (writing in it 2-4 things a day). This could simply includes things like "I have an amazing family" or "I have a roof over my head"

Practice the Replacement of Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are easier to come by than positive ones - and this is empirically proven. They hold back feelings of happiness, and it's why they must be avoided as and when they appear. When you notice a negative thought creeping in, challenge the logistics and accuracy behind said thoughts. Once this is recognised, replace the negative with a neutral thought. When you're accepting of a neutral thought, you can move on and replace it with a positive thought.

For instance, if you're thinking "I hate how I look", you can replace this with "I'm unique, and therefore I am beautiful" It'skey to treat yourself in the same way you'd treat a friend. You deserve to know your own worth, and see yourself how others see you.

Be your Best Self

To achieve this, one must identify their strengths to help your self-esteem/confidence. It is a lot easier to feel happy in life and within yourself when you are able to recognise your own strengths. You can do this by creating a list of your talents and knowledge. As part of the process, review this list regularly to aid in remembering your worth and value.

Express Emotions, don't Bottle

Many people don't see the importance of their feelings, and as a result, keep them bottled up (often for far too long). Ignoring feelings and emotions will lead to more intense outbursts. For this reason, choose a healthier way to release your emotions.

I firmly believe that you do not need to be dissatisfied to be motivated, driven and happy. It's possible to live the life you want/love whilst attempting to make it better. Don't abandon the ideation of happiness. But instead welcome the idea that acceptance of the past and presence, will help you achieve in the future.

Everyone deserves a chance at happiness.

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